Tastespotting: Accepted; Foodgawker: Photo/food composition


Foodgawker: Harsh lighting and/or overexposed

pancetta oregano soup

Tastespotting: unflattering composition; Foodgawker: Photo/food composition

Chicken to accept this soup

November 10, 2009

chicken tortellini soup

Tastespotting: not sharp; Foodgawker: Dull/unsharp when reduced in size


  Tastespotting: unfalttering [sic] crop
Foodgawker: Dull/unsharp when reduced in size

This zoup got zip

November 9, 2009


Tastespotting: unflattering composition. not sharp; Foodgawker: Photo/food composition

No thyme for this soup

November 5, 2009

onion soup gratinee

Foodgawker: lighting and composition issues