The DR is the Declined Rewind, a tasty thematic sampler of previous posts, doled out on the weekends or holidays or special occasions (think Olympics, tailgating, etc.).  This is to give newcomers a chance to catch up and to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Name that Frame

We’ve had so much fun adding titles to your rejected photos, we wanted to share the love.  Every day we will randomly post a photo with no title, giving you the chance to do so.  Here are the rules:

  1. The first three commenters to leave a title suggestion will be in the running to win “Name that Frame.”
  2. Those three titles will be placed in a poll and TasteStopping visitors will vote for their favorite.
  3. The winner will be announced later in the day, so check back often.  Check back often anyway because we love having you. And because everybody else is doing it.
  4. That is all.

Suggestions: keep it fun; play off the rejection commentary (or the tags and categories) as well as the food pictured in the photo; and OH YEAH…don’t be jerky, jerky.  Look over some of your favorite post titles to get an idea of what has worked (and what hasn’t!).


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