Welcome to TasteStopping, your last stop on the web to see what people are cooking, eating, and sharing.  We love food and have created this site to connect others who feel the way we do.  (Gaga over Gorgonzola!  Bonkers for Bacon!  Crazy for Crudite!)

Browse through these images, and click through to visit with their creators.  Hey, reach out and leave a comment on their blogs and web pages, even.  After all, aren’t we all in need of a little love now and then?  And remember, TasteStopping is the only place to see what the others won’t show you.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for a second home for your food photos, check out our submission guidelines.  It’s easier than you think.  Seriously!  No snootiness here!

30 Responses to “About”

  1. flfarmgirl Says:

    YOU have a winning idea here with your site. It is a real let down to be shot down by some of the sharing sites, especially when most food bloggers really want to share an idea or recipe because it is good, only to find out they had lighting issues or some other blather. A high note I have gleaned from your site is that I am not the only one who has unflattering compositions and lighting issues . With your site, a bonus is that I get to see good recipes that did not make the photo critic’s picky criteria. I will continue to photograph and submit to the other sites because I am learning my camera and I am up to their challenge, but you can “take to the bank” that I’ll be back here to see it all! I am so glad you are filling this niche. Great job!

  2. camille Says:

    This site is a fantastic idea. By the way, I just found out another reason people’s submissions may be rejected, at least at Tastespotting – nothing to do with the photo at all, but with the post it links to! If it’s “just a recipe and a photo,” no little story tying it into your life or whatever, then Sarah finds it “boring.” So there you go. People can be rejected with an amazing photo if the associated post is insufficiently gripping.

  3. climbhighak Says:

    I will be saving my rejection letters from now on. After 15 years of film, television, and still photography art direction, I was taken aback at some of the photos I saw accepted and some that I had rejected. I will definitely post here in the future and check back often for other blogs to check out.

  4. ninlin Says:

    Hey Thanks!

    This is a great idea and I definitely will be submitting in the future.



  5. amber Says:

    What a great concept. i thought i was the only one who got repeatedly rejected by the other sites. will defintely be posting here, seeing as many of my pics get rejected by them anyways.


  6. mags Says:

    Wow… how great it is to see that I’m not alone in my rejections. I feel so much better now. Great concept you have here!

  7. Casey,

    Fantastic concept! There’s nothing wrong with tasty seconds 🙂 Though, we hope that you can display more photos in your new site design. Keep up the good work.

  8. everyfoodfits Says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos, good to know you’re here on the Web!

  9. I can only second what all the other comments have already said! I’ve taken photos of food that simply defy all my attempts at aesthetically-pleasing photography. But I’d hate to scrap a post just because my dish is ugly (yet tasty). Thanks for this opportunity to still share delicious food that might otherwise be overlooked!

  10. candyce Says:

    I agree with all the other comments. As a new food blogger, it’s very discouraging to submit recipe after recipe and not get accepted. I realized that after Tastespotting relaunched, they accepted none of my photos whereas before, almost all I submitted were acceped.
    Anyhow, great idea here! Keep it up.

  11. amyvig Says:

    Oh my. What a hilarious idea!

  12. HL Says:

    Totally heart your site!! Thanks for giving us a chance ^_____^

  13. Azusa Says:

    Hi Casey,

    I’ve been trying to email you some photos and links, but it keeps bouncing back. Is there another email I can reach you at?


  14. Jamie Says:

    Ditto! Great idea and fabulous that someone takes the initiative to bring great food blogging to one spot and allow others to discover new blogs! Thanks for this!

  15. mlle noëlle Says:

    Ha… I love this! Sometimes what those sites choose and reject seems so random, and I have seen some totally ugly photos there next to all the “pretty” ones. Also, they have rejected some of my stuff that I was SURE would be taken, and accepted some that I didn’t think was that great. I guess in the end, it’s all subjective, but thanks for offering this second chance for all of us who don’t have a “perfect-every-time” touch with the camera just yet.

  16. shibooya Says:

    Love it! Power to the unpretentious foodies!

  17. Casey
    Thanks for creating the site!
    Do you accept other food-related pix? Or only those turned down by other sites? Just curious…

  18. Cheryl Says:

    What a great idea, I actually toyed with something similar a few months ago, but lacked the technical expertise to do it.

  19. Jonathan Says:

    if i had to see “harsh lighting” or “unflattering composition” (WTF!?!?!? that one REALLY burns me) one more time, i was going to throw my cheap laptop out the window. this seems like a great alternative. i have about 30 pictures that seemed pretty ok (ok, so i didn’t own a $500 lighting kit and i live in a basement apt. in brooklyn w/ no natural light), but would get pretty crappy feedback at those other 2 food pic sites. thanks for creating this – balance is key!!

  20. Shoshana Says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you start feeling better soon too. Summer colds are the worst! It’s the wrong season for soup, but that’s the only thing that helps.


  21. Huy Says:

    This is a great blog with a wonderful concept. I always get a bit irked when my photos don’t make it pass the rather subjective criteria of “unflattering composition” (what does that even entail?) in certain aggregate sites when I know that the recipe is good — and isn’t that what cooking/eating is all about?

    I think those sites often become too wrapped up with the aesthetics and forget that a lot of bloggers out there are just regular/ordinary people who want to share recipes and such without spending thousands of dollars on equipment or have the time as a hobby.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love tastespotting/foodgawker, they are great sites and resources for blogging/cooking, but sometimes I feel like they should consider the quality of the blog/recipe than one or two pictures that go through their moderation.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Absolutely brilliant idea. I have bookmarked your site and will be returning often. I too have been confused by the rejection/acceptance criteria at TS/FG…..It’s nice to have a site that wants to share good food ideas! Pam

  23. I’m just restating what others have said, but I’ll do it anyway: I’ve seen some amazingly bad photos on TS, and wonder how they really choose what they accept. I’ve had several things accepted, but several others rejected that were just as good as some already on TS. I know it’s all subjective, which puts us at their mercy 😉 It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my rejections! Thanks for a great site 🙂

  24. shaz Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me over to visit. Cool site, great idea – like the Salon de Refuses of the food blogging world :). (Everything is so subjective though – I used to feel gutted when my photos got rejected from the foodsharing site, but I think that has really helped me get of my *proverbial* and actually do more to make my shots better – not all of them make it through but at least I’m learning.)

  25. Pops De Milk Says:

    Hi, you commented on my one and only TasteSpotting approved picture of a BLT. I read your comment and thought, “Oooooh, roasted red peppers…I’m going to have to try that next time!”
    It seems there’s a world of food photographers out there who struggle to get pictures posted on TasteSpotting. I’m still not sure how they decide what’s acceptable or “unflattering composition.”
    I really like your site, I’ll definitely share photos, thank you 🙂


  26. Love it! My personal albatross is “not sharp.” (Or, in one case that really irked me, “not hsarp” as if the person was just typing the same word over and over. I don’t know why I should take their criticism if they can’t even be bothered to spell correctly.) Ok, I know I sometimes don’t have the steadiest hand, and I rarely have the patience to set up a tripod – I cooked the food to eat it, not take 6,000 pictures of it!

    Done ranting now. Will definitely be submitting.

  27. where have you been all my life? this is so hilarious! It made me smile the second I saw the first entry, brilliant!

    I love your titles! Oh man, I have files and files of photos Tastespotting and Foodgawker rejected. Sending them you’re way now!

    thanks for the comment on my site! I love the love.

    dana joy

  28. wens Says:

    Love this site. What a brilliant idea, making people feel included instead of rejected! (Big fan of your title puns also- HA),

    Thanks from all at eatpress!

  29. Brooke Says:

    HILARIOUS! I am SO glad you stopped by my site today so that I could find you.

    Your site makes me chuckle and choke with delight. Will most certainly send along photos! THANKS!

  30. vibi Says:

    Thank you so much Casey, for stopping by my blog and leaving those kind words!

    I will consider leaving pictures here eventually (as indeed I’ve been turned down many times at “The Other Place”!!!). LOL

    P.s.: As for the micro wave oven story, my posts always pertains to something in relation to the recipe posted, but not always as directly as you may think. This time, it was not about the cooking method, but rather the chocolate (for the Zucchini and chocolate Cake) that melted in the inventor’s pocket when he made the famous dicovery!!! You’ll sometimes find songs, poetry, jokes and all kinds of other things directly, but mostly indirectly related to something in the posted recipe.

    Thanks again… and continue the great work!

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