Halloween Programming Notice

October 24, 2009

On Saturday, October 31st, TasteStopping will celebrate Halloween by publishing any and all Halloween related photos, regardless of their status at other food photography sites.  On this one day, we will post any submissions that involve ghosts (as a cookie), pumpkins (in a soup), witches (brew), or black cat (stir-fry).  Anything in keeping with the Halloween theme.  OR you can simply submit your scariest photo of food.  Something gruesome, ghoulish, bloody…a photo that you know will scare the pants off our readers.  After all, this site celebrates the good, the badly lit and the just plain frightening. Keep it in good taste (in other words, it’s still about the food) and send your submissions to: info (at) tastestopping.com by 10 PM ET October 30, 2009.  To make things as easy as possible, label your photo or email with “Halloween submission” so it is posted correctly.

Thank you and happy haunting!


Now that's just raw-ng

Now that's just raw-ng


5 Responses to “Halloween Programming Notice”

  1. wasabi prime Says:

    WHOA. the orange of that… thing… can’t stop looking… drawing me in with its hypnotic bright hue… gah!

  2. Mags Says:

    Geeze I hope I can find my black cat stir fry recipe!

  3. Kate Says:

    What’s the name of that disorder where you see the face of Jesus in a tortilla — hold on — ok, here it is: Pareidolia. I guess you could use that term for seeing the faces of demons too, right? If so, I’ve got pareidolia because on the second orange stripe from the left, that’s definitely a demonic little devil face with two little tiny white horns and a long beard. It’s the Satanic Ghost of ZZ Top. Do I qualify for meds now? Do I get to pick what they are?

  4. Kate Says:

    Casey, it’s eyes. They are staring at me. Make it stop.

  5. deeba Says:

    Love the colour…wow!!
    Just mailed you an entry of my dressed up Persimmon Flan for Halloween! Might have a ghost to send soon too!

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