Big News

November 17, 2009

You may already know that TasteStopping has a new home. But if it’s news to you, take note: the official second home for your rejected food photographs is taking up residence at a fancy-shmancy new URL:  If you have so kindly linked to this site, now is the time to edit your links and point to the best second chance your photos will ever have.

Dora says !Vamanos!

And now TasteStopping offers even more Bells and Whistles. Rejected food photos are still the heart and soul of TasteStopping, but you’ll be happy to know, the newly created “Drive-Thru” offers a chance to post a photo and link to your fresh content.  Who said instant gratification couldn’t be good for you?  And “Judge, Jury, Execution” offers bloggers a chance to kibbutz on each other’s work, exchange advice and tips on how to improve a particular picture or commiserate on a fine photograph that didn’t make the cut elsewhere.  Read more about both of these features here and find out how you can submit your photos.

And one last word. TasteStopping is sponsoring a contest to find a logo. Think you have mad design skillz? Put them to the test creating a 165 X 90 logo that will hang in the top left corner of the site.  You’ll see the title and tagline there right now, so go, get, check it out. What are you waiting for? Except maybe this beauty: the winner will receive a bounty of gourmet treats courtesy of kitchen witch.  Rules and guidelines can be found on the Contest page; any questions can be emailed to info (at) tastestopping (dot) com

Design the winning TasteStopping logo and these Fudge Brownies could be all yours!

Thanks for your support. Now, let’s have some fun with our food!


And it was called yellow

November 17, 2009

Accepted by Tastespotting; Foodgawker: dull/unsharp image

Tastespotting: Accepted; Foodgawker: Photo/food composition

Tastespotting: not sharp; Foodgawker:accepted

Squashed ice cream

November 16, 2009

butternut squash gelato

Tastespotting: unflattering composition; Foodgawker: Dull/unsharp when reduced in size


November 16, 2009


Tastespotting: unflattering composition; Foodgawker: accepted

Prawn broker

November 16, 2009


Tastespotting: unflattering composition; Foodgawker: accepted

These onesies went halfsies.

November 16, 2009


TasteSpotting: Unflattering composition. Cutoff crop; FoodGawker: Accepted.

roast chicken

Don't be a turkey, turkey!



To celebrate Thanksgiving, TasteStopping will accept your Thanksgiving themed food photographs to publish on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009.  Make sure that the photos submitted link back to an actual post, and that they have something to do with Thanksgiving (spell it out for me if you have to), and they will be published for Thanksgiving.  No rejections from other sites necessary.  Send the photo (or photos) and URL in an email to “info (at) tastestopping (dot) com” and mention Thanksgiving submission somewhere in the email or subject line (because sometimes I need the extra help.)  If I receive enough photographs, I will start publishing these photos the day before Thanksgiving, and run them for two days.  Just to help you work up an appetite for the big day o’ eating.

DR: Splitsville 37

November 14, 2009

These photos have each been accepted at one well-known site and rejected by the other.  Can you guess which for each photo? Click on the image to find out.



peach gelee


rice krispy goblin buddies picnik

rice krispy goblin buddies