Tastespotting: accepted; Foodgawker: Lighting/exposure issues

Halloween petit fours

Tastespotting: not sharp; Foodgawker: accepted


Foodgawker: Harsh lighting and/or overexposed

Nuts about focus

November 11, 2009


Foodgawker: Out of focus/blurry

easy choc cake

Foodgawker: Harsh lighting and/or overexposed

Honey crisp apple sangria

Tastespotting: Not Sharp; Foodgawker: Low lighting and/or underexposed

chicken in milk

Tastespotting: unflattering composition and not sharp

Finally won one over

November 11, 2009


Tastespotting: Accepted; Foodgawker: Lighting issues-dull/unsharp

thai fish cakes

Tastespotting: unflattering composition; Foodgawker: Dull/unsharp image

A little fishy

November 10, 2009

glazed salmon

Tastespotting: unflattering composition. dark. not sharp; Foodgawker: Dull/unsharp when reduced in size


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